Our Staff

We are seeking committed, energetic, and inspired individuals who are looking for a summer experience that can change lives. Do you love swimming, sailing, biking, hiking, camping, canoeing, soccer, softball, tennis, arts and crafts, singing, campfires, singing at campfires, playing a musical instrument at campfires, or anything to do with campfires? Why not come share those and your other gifts with young people this summer at Camp Good News? Come share your faith and your skills with fellow staff members and campers. Learn to live and work hard with new people from different backgrounds that share a common faith in Jesus Christ.

Warning: Working at Camp Good News may have a positive impact on your outlook on life and your future. Camp Good News is not responsible for effects of excessive S'more consumption. Camp Good News will not be liable for the moving expenses if you should choose to relocate to Cape Cod later in life. Camp Good News will not accept responsibility if you find yourself daydreaming in class or work after your summer employment.

"For me, the smiles and laughter of children was what got me out of bed every morning at camp. It was an intense experience -- spiritually, physically, emotionally -- but afterwards, I find myself filling a different mold in everyday life, reconsidering myself spiritually and otherwise. I, the former camper who was afraid of everything, was able to help little ones overcome their fears, big and small. In the whirlwind of games and music, boxes of Bibles and boxes of band-aids, tennis games and free swim, I found girls who I will carry in my heart forever, and I can only hope that God spoke through me to them as much as he spoke through them to me." -- Shannon