Why should I send my child to Camp?

We believe that attending summer camp is so much more than a way to pass the summer hours or to keep kids occupied while parents are working.

Summer camp, like school, is an intentional place of social, emotional, physical and intellectual learning. Research suggest that children who attend camp make gains in important outcomes such as team work, leadership, self-confidence, social competence and independence. In some cases, camp impacts these areas more than school. Outdoor learning also provides important time away from electronic distractions, allowing kids the freedom to learn in the midst of nature and face-to-face with peers and helpful adults. Research on building resilience in children and adolescents suggests that even just one relationship with a helpful adult other than a family member improves a child's developmental outcome. For many, this relationship is with a counselor at camp. The most important reason, however, to send your child to camp is to experience the incredible fun and adventure that comes with living 24 hours a day with a group of peers and doing fun things that can't be done at home. The memories last a lifetime!

Why should I send my child to Camp Good News?

Camp Good News has been working with youth from all walks of life and from all over the world since 1935. Many of our staff attended Camp Good News as children. We have a wealth and depth of child care and youth ministry experience - all provided on a gorgeous waterfront Cape Cod property.

Camp Good News is not a traditional religious or "Bible" camp. Our campers come from a variety of cultural, ethnic and religious traditions. Our goal is to introduce campers to the gospel of Jesus Christ in the midst of our high quality, state-of-the-art summer camp program. Our program conveys to children that they are valued, respected, that they can try new things, and push their own boundaries in a healthy way. In a day when children have so many distractions, Camp Good News teaches traditional Judeo-Christian values in a fun, challenging, family-like atmosphere.

Our supervision of campers is excellent and carefully considered. We follow all regulations set forth by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and receive our license to operate from the Town of Sandwich Board of Health. All staff members undergo and must pass criminal background checks. They also receive 10 days of pre-camp training by licensed education and health professionals. Our kitchen serves three delicious homemade meals a day, and laundry services are provided free of charge. We have full time nurses, and our infirmary is open 24 hours a day.

In addition to the excellence of our program and the beauty of our surroundings, we have the leadership and expertise needed to supervise a safe and valuable summer camp experience. Our rates are consistent with those of traditional nonprofit residential or day camp programs (like the YMCA or 4-H). This means good common sense value for you and a lifetime of memories for your children. We hope you will join our camp family and fill out an application today.