The Tutorial Program

Your child’s summer camp experience should provide a respite from the academic rigors of school. If your child would benefit from a tutoring module, his/her fun and learning can be combined at camp!

The work/play situation at camp has proven for many to be the best way to relieve the pressure of school and at the same time achieve academic progress. Campers can break away from the daily activity periods for intensive tutoring at Christy Hall. Students benefit from individual or small group instruction. Emphasis is placed on organizing assignments and “getting started.” Support is given as needed to help students stay on task and complete assignments. Self esteem increases as students develop a “can do” attitude. Students who have been signed up for tutoring need to understand that tutoring takes priority over other camp programs.

Grades 1-9 (usually ages 6-15 years)

1 (If a student requires more than this, please submit a written request to outline his/her summer school needs).

Each period will be approximately 60 minutes per day, four days per week. This will give both instructional and individual study time.

Be sure to send in this form as soon as possible, as this will give the tutorial staff time to make adequate scheduling adjustments to accommodate the camper’s individual IEP’s, and specific school-reported skills needs.

There must be a written list of specific skills forcompletion. This list is to be made up BY THE STUDENT’S CLASSROOM TEACHER, andinclude only the amount of work accomplishable in FIFTEEN ONE-HOUR SESSIONS. Let’s not over do it!

What should the student bring for the first day of tutoring?

1. Textbook for the specific subject matter to be learned.
2. If one is available, also a copy of the teacher’s edition to the text.
(This would be helpful, but IS OPTIONAL.) All texts will be returned at the end of the camper’s time at camp.

Courses Available for the Summer Season

GENERAL MATH A sequentially based program of both computational skills and learning the vocabulary to assist in solving math word problems.
READING COMPREHENSION SKILLS Giving a concentration on locating the main ideas of a paragraph or story, finding the sequence, noting details, finding cause and effect, making inferences, predicting outcomes, reading phrases, making judgments, understanding sentences.
LANGUAGE ARTS SKILLS Specific skills identified by the regular classroom teacher as being those the student most needs to review before the next school year begins.
ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE For those children who come to Camp Good News from a country other than the USA.
HANDWRITING SKILLS Improvement of the student’s writing habits.
“POWER WRITING” Techniques to teach the student how to structure solid compositional paragraphs for themes and other written assignments.

FOR HAPPIER CAMPERS -- A WORD TO THE WISE PARENT: Should you decide to sign your child up for tutoring this summer, please discuss this with them before camp begins. Cost: $30.00 per course/for each week.