"Although it is wonderful to be home, I look at the time spent at Camp Good News with a grateful heart. I appreciate the things I learned and the people I met and how the Lord grew me within it all. …. We will keep you, Faith, Steve and Camp Good News in our continual prayers. Love in Christ," - Staff Wendy

"What a wonderful summer I had. God gave me more than I asked for with all the love, beauty and friendship I found here at camp. Thank you for welcoming me back with open arms, as if I’d never left." - Staff Heather

"I wrote this letter to say thank you … I enjoyed myself so much at Camp Good News, the relationships I built and the experiences I had, Nantucket, bridge jumping, cabin nights, sailing, biking along the canal, fishing with Mr. Serhiy, and the list could go on and on. What I am saying is thank you for the sacrifices you made so that I could have fun. God bless you and your work in Bangladesh." - Camper David

"If I could have spent my summers as a camp counselor earlier in life, I certainly would have done so. It was, by far, the most demanding yet fulfilling job I ever had to that point in my life." - David Williams, President of the Make-A-Wish foundation

"They take kids on field trips to Martha’s Vineyard, water wiz water park, New Hampshire climbing trip, and they take kids on bike trips to places like the shinning sea path in Falmouth. They give archery, swimming and tennis lessons. They also teach the kids fishing.
I get to eat a family style lunch every day with the kids. They all work as a team cleaning up after the meals. The meals are quite good. They always pray before they eat. I love the morning worship time when they sing about 5 worship songs with a guitar player and a retired music teacher playing piano.
The counselors are great. They have “cabin night” once a week and the counselors have quite a lot of leeway to plan these events. I talked to a couple of counselors about planning a High Tea / Madd Hatter tea party. I want to get the kids to make all their own hats and their own ceramic teacup and saucer….
The lake is so restful. They also put a very nice picnic bench in front of the cabin where I can let kids work on art projects out doors. I think I will have them watercolor paint out there and do Plein-air painting!
It is a privilege to be with a group of kids like this. I cannot imagine a better job. I am really blessed. Blessings to you all." - Deb

"I want you to know that Camp Good News represented the happiest and most nourishing years of my childhood and teenage years and I will never forget. I am so glad that our boys have been able to grow and learn and enjoy camp as well." - Dori Evans, Camp Good News Alumni & Parent