Parents FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Policy on Child Protection

What is your policy on child protection?

The safety and well-being of the children you are entrusting to us are of utmost importance to the leadership of Camp Good News. We take careful and deliberate measures to build an enriching, structured, nurturing and respectful community for campers and staff. All staff must pass criminal background checks (CORI) and sexual-offender registry checks (SORI) in order to work for us. Staff is required to complete on-line training provided by Ministry Safe and the renowned American Camp Association expert, Chris Thurber prior to summer. These courses cover important topics such as establishing and maintaining safe boundaries with children, bullying prevention and intervention, managing common childhood behavior challenges, and effective teaching/coaching strategies. In addition, staff also received a week of training at camp prior to the start of the season, including sessions led by a licensed child psychologist, representatives from The Children's Cove meet with our staff to address child abuse and reporting procedures for the State of Massachusetts. We have a commitment to guiding youth in making good choices, and our staff is trained to recognize and address problem behaviors early. However, we have a low threshold of tolerance for behaviors that seriously compromise the camp experience for others, including bullying, violence, possession of weapons, repeated profanity, disrespect, inappropriate sexual behavior, and drug and alcohol use. Behaviors such as these on the part of campers or staff can result in dismissal from the program.

For further information, please contact:
Karen P. Carlson, PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Assistant to the Director, Camp Good News

How can I view the weekly camper photos during the summer?

CLICK HERE  to view the Camp Good News Weekly Photos. (Please feel free to browse through the other Dropbox folders by clicking on the "Files" tab in the side bar)

What ages are your campers?

Camp Good News has three units: Junior Girls (ages 6-12); Junior Boys (ages 6-12); and Senior Coed (ages 13-16).

How are cabins assigned? May my child be with his/her friend?

Your registration sheet includes the option to request a cabinmate for your child. We make every effort to honor these requests.

How many campers are in each cabin? How many counselors are with them?

Residential (overnight) campers live in cabins in groups of 6 or 7, divided by age and gender. The boys and girls take up residence on opposite ends of the camp, though they share the waterfront and program areas. Each cabin has 2 counselors or 1 counselor with a junior counselor. Day campers are integrated with overnight campers.

How will my child keep track of his or her belongings?

All belongings including clothing must be marked with your child's name. Clothing should be labeled with a black magic marker or a sewn-in label -- including socks and underwear. Ironed on labels are not satisfactory as they almost always come off when being laundered (laundry services are provided free of charge). Mark all books, sports items, towels and toiletries. Counselors do their best to help campers keep track of their things; however, camp does not assume responsibility for lost or stolen items.

When are Visiting Days and who may visit?

Visiting days for this summer will be posted here soon. Parents and relatives are invited to visit but must stop at the office to get a guest pass. Only custodial parents and grandparents may take the child off camp property. Please contact the camp office if you have specific family members that will be visiting.

Are cell phones allowed?

No. Please leave cell phones and other personal electronics at home.

What are your registration deadlines?

Registration deadlines will be posted soon. Please contact the camp office in the meantime.

What is your refund policy?

There is no refund if a child withdraws or is dismissed. Refunds may be given in occasional circumstances, such as illness, at the discretion of the director.

Does my child need spending money at camp?

Money is deposited in the camp store for each camper; a suggested amount is $15-$20 per week. This is primarily used for snacks during snack bar and cabin nights. Sometimes extra treats are purchased and deducted from store account. Campers also will have some spending money when going on off-camp trips.

What about homesickness? Are phone calls allowed?

Homesickness is an anxiety disorder that is very common in children and adolescents, particularly when they are away from home alone for the first time. Our counselors are trained in how to help prevent and work with homesickness. Our experience is that phone calls home within the first 2-3 days can result in increased homesickness. If your child is having a hard time at the beginning, staff will be in touch with you, but we will recommend you not speak with your child unless absolutely necessary. After this 2-3 day period, phone calls can be made to the dining hall during meals. Please keep your conversation short, as other parents will be calling in to talk to their children.

You may also email your child c/o Camp Good News. All emails are printed out daily and delivered to the campers. More details about how to contact your camper will be mailed to you following registration.