In an informal, relaxed and happy atmosphere, Camp Good News endeavors to help young people discover the relevance of the Bible in our culture and assist them in exploring the awesome life that is found under the leadership of Jesus Christ. Our counselors come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Staff range in age from 18 through the 70s and many are leaders in the fields of medicine, nursing, education, counseling and others. This diversity combined with a small camp environment creates a nurturing and supportive family-like atmosphere.

Camp Good News believes that children and young people need a well-rounded program of recreation and work integrated with the all important spiritual dimension. Campers participate in four activity periods each day. Choices generally include two of the following: arts and crafts, tennis, soccer, volleyball, track, basketball, low ropes, aerobics, archery, sailing, fun-yaking, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, music and camping skills.

The other two required activities are Red Cross swimming and boating classes, which are taught by certified American Red Cross instructors. During free periods, campers usually flock to the beach to swim, sail, play on our giant water toys and be with their friends. Impromptu singing by the campfire are not uncommon during evening activities on the waterfront. Our evenings might include all camp campfires, cabin outings, talent nights, twilight swimming and boating, and capture the flag. Our days begin with morning chapel end with cabin devotions, when counselors and campers have a chance to talk about what is important in their lives. For campers needing extra help for school courses, skilled tutors are available to review or make up courses. English lessons are available for our international campers. Those who participate in the tutoring program still thoroughly enjoy being involved in the other camp activities.

Teen Programs

We have three programs for youth ages 13 through 17. The Camp Good News staff can help you determine which program might be most appropriate for your child.

Senior Camper

Full-tuition camp program for ages 13-16. This program is co-ed and in addition to the regular camp programming, includes special trips geared toward older campers.


Scholarship program for youth age 16-17 years. Camper-Workers earn tuition through working around camp for 5-6 hours a day and then participating in the senior camper program when not working. Camper-Workers are eligible for senior camp trips on a paid tuition basis.

Junior Counselor

Minimally paid position for selected youth ages 17-18 who show strong leadership skills and who have some camping experience either at Camp Good News or other residential camp program. Applicants must have a strong recommendation from their previous employer. The Camp Good News staff can help determine which senior program might be most appropriate for your teenager.